Edward Howland

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Born Edward William Howland , to Ruby and john Howland of mersham near Ashford Kent , the youngest child of three ,he has one brother,and a sister , called roger and Janice, my father was born at Willsbourgh , also near Ashford in Kent , then he came to live in mersham a small village where his grandfather had been the local builder, and now his father was running the firm, and was a trained plumber, the family has helped shape mersham into the village it is to day, many of the houses being Howland homes, In mersham growing up my dad had some good times and made lots of friends with local families, he told us of times when he went swimming in the stream at the mill ,And of playing in the surrounding fields, which all had there special names, like the speed way field, blimp , and beggars’ hollow, but it was not all fun, sadly his mum fell ill with breast cancer , and dad and his brother and sister , had stay to with many different aunts as they where called, though I am not sure if any were real family,though some become an extension to the family, especially a very kind lady named betty and her husband Arthur , who where very kind to him and his brother and sister , betty became one of my dads mums best friends , and my dad visited betty and Arthur very often even in later life, but some of the aunts were not as kind , he told me story's of them hitting his knuckles ,With a brush, and one time he was so unhappy he ran away ,my dad went to the local school Mersham primary and then to the North boys secondary school , and then on to do three years training at Folkestone technical collage this is where he learnt his skills and got the qualifications to be a builder, he then did his apprenticeship with a building firm called Jenners, and helped build Ashford library and a bank in Hythe ,before working for his father ,sadly my dads father died when my dad was only twenty one , and it was left to him to support his mum by buying his dads building firm slowly off her, so she had enough too live on , and at that time the firm had about ten men so my dad was thrown In the deep end, but through very very hard work and late nights , he was able to make the firm even better ,building many more homes in the village , before retiring and enjoying his life , he went on small holidays with his great friend Roger too find his relatives graves who had been killed in the war, and also to see his sister in France which he loved doing, he also enjoyed going to Canterbury with his wife Pam at the weekends where they would have breakfast, there is much more I could have said I hope you like what I did , and thank you for reading it .