Edward Howland

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Things you may not have know


My father edward howland was a great cook ,not just bar b q s but many types of food

He had a great love of the country side, all so great understanding of nature too

He was also very passionate about history especially interested in  world war 1 and the secound world war,

His favourite films are war films, Weston’s and action films

He was a great walker

a very patient man

he hade a great love of music especially from the sixties, see http://edwardhowland.webs.com/apps/links/                         

also he’s very generous given to many charitys, and no charity collector was safe , even on the street he would all ways have his pound waiting









                                       He like all types of sixties music inclueding elvis


                            one of the many great  words  I  could say about a great man


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